soumelaI was born in Karditsa I have been working as an iconographer.

Apart from my amateur,in the first place,avocation with Art Painting,I attended design,drawing and iconography courses at the Art Workshops in Karditsa,along with considerable teachers.

My interest in Byzantine Iconography has led me in the systematic study of the iconography and the dogmatic theology of icons,which was completed near Father I. Zotos in Kalabaka as wella as in a female monastery in Trikala.
Afterwards,since I had been impressed by the observation of burnished gold icons,I felt the need to be taught the same technique.I therefore went to Thessaloniki,in Neapoli to be specific,and I became a member of "Panselinos"academy. My teacher was the iconographer I. Sidiropoulos,who initiated me into the technique of Burnished Gold and the Beaten Gold one.

My acquirement of the virtuosity in the iconography of Burnished Gord icons through Beaten Gold has recently been certified in 2014 with my participation in the "Best Icon"competition,which was organized by the "Divine Temple"magazine.My illustrarion"Saint George"was awarded the second prize and was also published in the same magazine.

Since I am highly interested in gaining knowledge as far as the maintenance of icons is concerned,I have joined the course of "Maintenance of Works of Art"in IEK-OAED In Karditsa.

I am an active member of the Art Association in Karditsa participating in all the Art exhibitions and Iconography ones taking place not only in Karditsa but in other Greek towns too.

I have been appointed the desing of murals in Theopetra's House of God in Trikala as well as in the House of God of "Agioi Apostoloi"in Tanzania. I have also undertaken the iconography of icons for the needs of Holly Houses and private individuals.Moreoner my work adorns the office of Karditsa's Citizens Association in Athens(9 Kanigos street).With this work I took part with disinterest in the exhibition (12-17/1/2015)having as a goal the support of the scientific programme "MYRTIS"of Athens University.


Last but not least I have been dealing with teaching Byzantine Iconography,organizing courses in my laboratory.

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