Into my properly designed workshop Iconography courses are conducted both for beginners and advanced classes which are worthwhile participating.

Beginner’s courses
The participants have got the chance to live the unique experience of poring over the technique of designing portable icons. Affording and offering them all the essential material, I teach them step by step the knowledge of the Byzantine Art.

At first, students are taught the preparation of wood surfaces that they will work on. Having completed this procedure, the transfer of the Holly Person’s design on the surface follows. The next stage is the gilding of the icon. Here the students gain virtuosity in using the appropriate materials and mainly gold sheet in order to achieve that. Through this follows the procedure of learning how to mix natural colours, in the form of powder, so as to make the preforms and the colours which are needed to render the flesh and the lighting of the face and garments. Afterwards, they complete their icon having been taught with the appropriate brushwork the rendering of preforms, lightening, lazoura (a mixture of colours), shadows, paint and the designing of hair. The last stage includes polishing in order for the protection and the glow of the icon to be assured.
Students who have completed the course get their own hand made icon.

Advanced courses
This course is offered to those who have completed the beginner’s course and wish to move on with their studies, or generally to experienced people who want to become consummate masters of the Byzantine Orthodox Iconography. They always design on natural wood and they perfect their knowledge on the traditional preparation of colours. Moreover they are taught how to master the creation of painting, how to render the noble expression of complexions as well as how to design the folding of the garments.

The materials in this course are administered free of expense by the workshop and each student takes his/her handmade icon too.

The course runs 6 days a week and the attendance hours are 6 on a daily basis.
The cost of this course is 540 euros.

Free materials (iconography wood, sheets of 22 carat gold, iconography powders, brushes, glues, varnishes, e.t.c)
During the break beverages and sandwiches are offered for free.
Teaching is also offered for groups of students abroad under request of the interested ones.
Organization of guided day trips to the Monasteries of Meteora in Kalabaka.

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